The intelligent meal planner!

Dietish is an intelligent meal planner which generates your weekly meal plan based on your profile, the core system includes hundreds of recipes with micro and macro nutrition data. Design your own recipe with recipe designer and keep a good track of calories and nutrition information calculated automatically based on ingredients


Modern research has proven that keeping track of calories and macro nutrition will boost your weight loss process. provides a perfect platform to track macro nutritions per recipe basis.

Core features

  • Auto diet generator based on an intelligent algorithm
  • Make your eating preferences and the generator will follow your eating habits
  • Recipe designer with precise calories and macro nutrition information
  • Browse hundreds of recipes with track of micro nutritions and calorie information
  • Track and maintain your progress

Frequently ask questions

  • How does it works?: The answer is simple: You provide some data about yourself like age, gender, height and activity level and the system calculates your Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR), based on this information the system estimates your daily calorie need and eventually creates a weekly diet plan that best matches your calorie goals.
  • How accurate is calorie data?: We use USDA's database to grab nutrition information for each food items, so we can say that information is pretty accurate.
  • Should i consult doctor before starting: If you have medical issues and have a medical record that suggest you to consult a doctor then you "should" consider talking to your doctor before taking any diet plan.
  • Can i use the service to maintain my weight:The answer is yes! you can just use this system to maintain a healthy life style.